Diabetic footcare is an integral part of ensuring foot and lower limb health. Diabetes Australia recommends patients visit their podiatrist annually to review their foot health status. In some cases, if patients who suffer from this systematic metabolic disorder do not follow their treatment plan, it can affect the foot and lower limb areas in many ways. If these issues are left untreated, they may accelerate to become much more serious and harmful. Some patients who experience more mild symptoms, may be affected by dryness and tingling in the toe area. More serious issues consequent of the impacted circulatory system and the lower limb peripheral nerves can include peripheral vascular disease (PVD), numbness in the foot and lower limb area (peripheral neuropathy) and an inability to fight infection. Numbness in the sole region can further result in neuropathic ulceration.

Our qualified podiatrists are able to measure the sensation, circulation and biomechanics to ensure you are taking the correct precautions.