Sports & General Podiatry Care

Since 2003, Allsports Podiatry has been providing podiatry services and orthotics to patients within multi-disciplinary, sports medicine clinics throughout Brisbane. Our Podiatrists are highly skilled in all areas of diagnosis and treatment. Contact us for an appointment today. 

No doctor’s referral is needed to visit a podiatrist.

About Us

With over 15 years of clinical experience, Allsports Podiatry is a passionate and enthusiastic team providing the highest quality of care for patients in both Sports and General Podiatry.

Our Team

The Allsports Podiatry team is experienced in all areas of both sports and general podiatry.

Contact Us

Allsports Podiatry has twelve locations across Brisbane. You don’t need a referral to see a podiatrist, simply contact your closest Allsports Podiatry clinic or click here to make a booking directly.

Sports Podiatry

At Allsports Podiatry, we have a special interest in all things sports. The Allsports Podiatry team provide excellence in podiatric care for both amateur and professional athletes of any age.

Custom Orthotics

Help optimise your foot position and function with our custom-made orthotics. These shoe inserts are specifically designed to reduce the unwanted stresses caused by incorrect foot motion.

Video Gait Analysis

We use state of the art technology to analyse your gait cycle. This enables us to provide the best foot orthotics from the assessment of the foot position and overall posture. This technology can specifically assist with runners and other athletes.

Child Podiatry

With children’s fast growing feet and legs, it is common for them to experience a number of issues. These are often hard for parents to identify, so we can make sure your child’s foot health and performance is where it should be.