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Family walking on the beach

Summer is coming! Here are our top tips for keeping your feet healthy during the warmer months

  1. Avoid Thongs

Family walking on the beach

We know Australian summers definitely heat things up… and while thongs are great for the beach, we do not recommend them as everyday footwear.  Thongs offer very little support for your feet and long-term use can result in an overload of injuries. Our team recommends Birkenstock sandals as a great alternative. These stylish sandals are great at keeping your feet cool without compromising the support your feet need.

  1. Sweaty Feet = fungal infections

With the high temperatures and humidity hitting, it’s no surprise that sweaty feet can be an issue. However bad the smell, sweaty feet can much more seriously cause fungal infection (known as Athlete’s foot). To reduce this happening we recommend changing your socks daily and dusting your shoes with an Anti-fungal foot powder.  If a fungal infection does occur please consult with your podiatrist for the best treatment plan.

  1. Sun Protection

It’s not just mum telling you to put sunscreen on this summer, it’s your podiatrist too! With the scorching summer sun shining down we can’t forget to slip, slop, slap our feet as well. After spending most of winter in enclosed shoes, the skin on our feet will be most prone to sun damage now so sun protection is crucial.

  1. Cracked Heels

Cracked heels can not only be painful and cause cosmetic concern, but also be a portal entry for bacteria and other foot infections. To prevent cracking, we recommend moisturising regularly (we recommend foot balm) and lightly running a pumice stone or file to prevent any buildup of hard skin. However if you require further assistance, your podiatrist will be equipped with a variety of tools to thin any cracks or accumulation of hard skin.