Marcus is originally from Singapore and joined the Allsports Podiatry and MyFootDr team after obtaining his Bachelor of Podiatry from the Queensland University of Technology. 

His interest in podiatry stemmed from his own personal experiences seeing a podiatrist as a young boy. This was further spurred during his 2 years of military service in the Singapore Army where he noticed the prevalence of lower limb injuries among his peers. Prior to joining the team, Marcus had worked as an orthotic technician at the iOrthotic’s laboratory and as an allied health assistant to some of Queensland’s leading paediatric physiotherapists. 

Marcus enjoys all aspects of podiatry and has a keen interest in biomechanics, sports injuries, and paediatrics. He believes in a holistic approach to healthcare, rehabilitation and injury prevention, regularly collaborating with a multidisciplinary team to provide the optimal outcomes for his patients. 

Outside of work, Marcus enjoys playing tennis and badminton, going on hikes, and hanging with his mates.