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Have you claimed your 2019 podiatry rebate?

With only a few months left of this year, now is the time make sure you’re making the most of your private health insurance benefits for your orthotics before the new year arrives.

Did you know that in most cases, you can claim a new pair of orthotics from your private health fund every year?

Your orthotics are charged to your health fund with often just a LOW gap left for you to pay.

Claiming your new pair of orthotics is simple, just follow these basic steps:

  1. Call your nearest Allsports Podiatry clinic and ask for an orthotic assessment (see terms and conditions below to see if you qualify).

  2. We’ll perform a full biomechanical assessment and 3D foot scan of your feet.

Our qualified podiatrists will assess you and take some specific biomechanical measurements and 3D laser scans of your feet during your biomechanical examination and gait analysis. This process will take approximately 20 minutes and allows us to determine your orthotic prescription.

  1. We design and manufacture your custom-made orthotics.

Your podiatrist will fill in your custom orthotic prescription form and send to our orthotic laboratory, along with your 3D laser foot scans. Your orthotics will either be precision-milled or 3D printed, depending on what material has been prescribed to be best for your feet.

  1. Your new orthotics are fitted to your feet and footwear.

Your custom-made orthotics will be fitted to your shoes in as little as 7-10 days following your prescription.


Is This Your First Pair Of Orthotics?

If you’ve never visited an Allsports Podiatry clinic or previously had orthotics, your first step is to book an appointment with our team at your local clinic. We’ll get to know your history, the problems or pains you’re experiencing, your goals, and whether orthotics are right for you. From there, if you are likely to benefit from orthotic therapy, we’ll complete your orthotic assessment and 3D scans, after which you’ll be eligible for LOW gap assessments for subsequent pairs.


Terms & Conditions

*Applies to all custom-made foot orthotics, including 3D printed options. Offer valid for existing My FootDr orthotic patients only. +LOW GAP offers on appointments, assessments and orthotics are subject to patient’s health fund policy, annual limits, policy rules, the patient having the appropriate level of extras cover and health fund rebate processing through HICAPS at the time of the appointment. As such, minimum accepted health fund rebates may apply to all LOW GAP items – ask your clinic for further details. When speaking with your health insurer, ask them about item 221 to find out more.